My name is Duc Dö.

I work in the field of innovation, emerging technologies and enterprise architecture.

I also write, run, photograph, play music and raise young children.

These are my latest projects:

Launching a new holistic run coaching service, specialising in half marathons to 200 milers, 6/12/24hour racing, last one standings. Watch this space. Contact me if interested in the meantime.

Hương Bưởi và Xác Pháo (in Vietnamese only), 2020.
Synopsis (Tóm Tắt)
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Audio and Print available in 2021.
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First attempt to run 1,000kms non-stop along the Goldsteig trail in Europe (20,000m+ vert), 2021.
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“That Wanaka Tree” © Duc Do, featured on LensCulture Journeys Gallery, 2020.
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