Healing Mentoring Running Spirituality

Feature on HTV SportsTalk segment July 2019

A national TV station in Vietnam, HTV Sports, profiled my running journey in a 30-minute segment aired late July 2019.

Unfortunately, there are no English subtitles.

I usually stay away from public light. However this was a good opportunity to reinforce positive messages about running. I’m conscious that there is no English subtitle on the clip. The 3 main points I hoped to get across are:
(1) Running as a learning environment is unlimited in depth, whether you train for speed or distance, or both. Thus if physically possible, we can all treat running as a lifelong teacher, whether sticking with the marathon distance, going ultra, or sprinting.
(2) Through running, we learn to reconnect with our mind-body. Then we learn to acknowledge and embrace our emotions, physical limitations, and who we are. While a driven person always seeks to transcend oneself, learning to accept who one is and being kind to one’s own body is the key to a meditative life, one that focuses on actions built on a core of stillness.
(3) Running complements different forms of yoga well, and is a great enabler of self transformation and social change.

I did not always use those words directly, but that was the essence of my messages.