Running Calendar 2018

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Key Running Goals of the Year:

  • Complete North Pole Marathon and Marathon Grand Slam (7 Continents+)
  • Complete ANZAC Sweep (2 legs in NZ remaining); currently a member of the Aussie Sweep Club
  • Complete at least a 100km trail


Two Bays Trail 56km, VIC (~8:29, DNF on record)
> Race report

Cathedrals Challenge Trail 21km, VIC (6:45:32)
> Race report

Semaphore Coastal Marathon, Adelaide SA (4:38:35)
    > The original idea was the Wangaratta Marathon, VIC over this same weekend, now replaced with this event in support of Bravehearts, an organisation I supported in the Canberra leg during the around-Australia marathon runs in 2015.
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MARCH 2018:
Tassie Gone Nuts Trail 50km, Stanley TAS (8:54:43)
> Race report

Donna Double trail (Mt. Donna Buang) 22km, Warburton VIC (3:48:21)
> Race report

Oxfam Melbourne Trail 100km, VIC (21:56:00)
> Our Team: Big Red
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APRIL 2018:
Geelong Half Marathon, VIC (1:56:51)
> Race report

North Pole Marathon, NORTH POLE (8:05:20)
> Race report

Coburg 12-hour, VIC (registered)
    > I couldn’t make this race due to delayed return to Melbourne from the North Pole.

Maroondah Dam Trail 50km, VIC (8:46:51)
> Race report

MAY 2018:
Rotorua Marathon, NEW ZEALAND (4:19:19)
> Race report

Great Ocean Road 44km, VIC (5:16:43)
> Race report

JUNE 2018:
Christchurch Marathon, NEW ZEALAND (4:58:25)
> Race report

The Tan Urban Trail 50km, VIC (6:23:15)
> Race report

Surfcoast Trail Marathon, Torquay to Fairhaven, VIC (5:30:26)
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JULY 2018:
Australian 24-hour Championship, SA (127km)
> Race report

You Yangs Trail 50km, VIC (8:29:31)
> Race report

Run Melbourne Half Marathon, VIC (DNS)

Gobi March 250km, MONGOLIA
    > Running low on brownie points, as of May, this race looks like it will need to wait till another year. I will still be in Mongolia though, trekking the Kharkhiraa Turgen Peaks.

Ultra Bright 50km, VIC (8:31:13)
> Race report

Waterous Trail On Foot 100 miler, WA
    > This race clashes with an overseas trip, so will need to wait for another year.

Hume and Hovell Ultra 100 miler, NSW
    > This race did not work out logistically, so will need to wait for another year.

Blackall 100km, QLD (21:22:05)
> Race report

Feral Pig Ultra 100 miler, WA (37:38:53)
> Race report

Helping Feet 24km trail, VIC (3:14:42)

Run for the Young Marathon, VIC (4:29:59)

Deep Space Mountain 21km, ACT (DNS)
    > I could not make the trip to Canberra as planned.

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