Spirituality Writing

The Path

today is a wonder
feel it

you are a wonder
know it

then you will no longer despair
of the state of the world

then you will stop enquiring
of the meaning of life

as it will be as clear
as the blue sky

that “today” is void of essence
and so is “you”

that it’s futile to separate
anything or anyone from the Totality

that the true sense of wonder
must be total and complete

then your existence will be
filled with gratitude

driven by selective actions
free of endless desires

compassion becomes your way of life
your inner compass

having found that inner light
resting in inner bliss

you shall tell the world
your stories

through the lens of your life
with a touch of playfulness

and when the urge to tell them
runs out of karma

you will simply be,
having realised your Destiny

to the world
you haven’t changed a bit

every bit’s changed

the world’s changed

mountains are
once again mountains

once again waters

and that’s that.