What does it mean when someone tells you you’re good at reading people

It could mean any number of things:

  • you are perceptive
  • they realise that your read of them is inaccurate and are trying to lead you down a certain path (ulterior motive)
  • you have managed to “get them” within a short time, whilst in their perception, most people do not understand them (the “soul mate” spark)
  • they are trying to encourage you in your efforts to read people (but in reality, you might not be that good yet)
  • they figure that you like to be good at reading people, so they are just manipulating for whatever reasons
  • they are just throwing a curveball to see how you respond
  • they are just being cynical as they really mean the opposite.

My key point is: to understand the words from someone, we need to understand that someone and the social context of the situation first.

Aren’t humans complex?!

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