I am a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Thank you for visiting.

Photography takes a snapshot of life, thus mummifying it so to speak. Viewers then render life in reverse from a static image, each differently from their conditioned perspectives. I find that process interesting and revealing about both the photographer and the viewer.

I have been to some of the most extreme places on earth for sports and photography, including the North Pole, Antarctica, the Simpson Desert, Mt Kilimanjaro, East Africa and Western Mongolia.

I’m redesigning this Photography area of my website. Soon you will find some of my best photos that you can license for commercial or advertising use. You can also order prints for different material and display them as artwork in your home and offices.

Alternatively, you can get in touch to bring your next creative photography ideas to life, to illustrate a book or magazine, or to wow your next clients.

Visit my other online galleries:
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