The 22 project

The 22 project is a summer project for a fourth-grader.

The idea behind this project is to teach a 10yo:

  • rational thinking processes
  • developing confidence through sound decision making
  • creativity through producing a mobile game from scratch
  • computer programming and basic visual design skills
  • the basics of storytelling

We started this project on the 18th Dec 2016, and aim to complete the challenge by the 20th Jan 2017, in approximately 4 weeks. Completion means having a completed iOS app, ready to be submitted to the Apple Store.

This should be a significant challenge for both son and father, especially as we tackle it during the holiday seasons. The idea of picking this time of the year is to teach the 10yo to enjoy creativity and hard work when exploring new concepts, and to feel comfortable doing something slightly different from his friends. It should be an interesting experiment.

First sketch concept
Second sketch concept
Motivation time
Basic building blocks
Diving deeper into algorithms
We learnt a few lessons (closing summary & lessons learnt)