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The last sunset

I was at the death bed of a few elderly folks. I asked each of them what they would like to experience during these last moments. Most of them asked to see loved ones. Many wished they could watch the sun rise one more time.

The sun would rise about 30,000 times if one lived to be 80.

One of my sons is 14. The sun has risen 5,000 times in his life. I asked him how many sunrises he had seen. He said about 20. Then I asked how many he remembered very well. He said a couple. I find these numbers to be quite common among people.

My close friends know that I love sunrises. And sunsets. But it was something I learnt to appreciate a bit later in life. At a younger age, like many other youngsters, I thought the night was king and sleeping in was cool.

You are lucky if you routinely rise with the sun from a young age. It is one of the best (free) things that could happen to someone.

As my son and I run together more frequently, he gets to see more sunrises, hopefully remembering a few more. It has been late going in winter. But spring will come. So will summer and autumn. Then perhaps when the moment comes for the final sunset, our memories would have been filled with sunrises.

? #1 Friends woke up with the sun on way to Kilimanjaro summit, 2014, Bernessa Henry Rosie.
? #2 The sun filled Peaceful Bay WA with colours after another long night of running, part of the Delirious W.E.S.T. 200 miler.
? Feature: Annapurna, Nepal, 2012.