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Running Calendar 2024

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Key Running Goals of the Year:

  • Complete Triple Crown Downunder – 3x 200 milers in Australia.
  • Run a longish race every month (longish = min 100 miler distance).
  • JANUARY 2024:
    > No longish races in Australia or Vietnam during this month (where I will be), so to fulfill the second running goal of the year above, the Ultra-Trail Kosciuszko By UTMB 100 miler in Dec 2023 will substitute.
    Cadbury Hobart Marathon, TAS (4:49:26)
    Ho Chi Minh City Marathon, VIETNAM (4:37:35)

    FEBRUARY 2024:
    Kilcunda 21km (2:43:01)
    Delirious WEST 350km, WA (91:12:53)

    MARCH 2024:
    Mirrim Wurnit Backyard (2 laps)

    APRIL 2024:
    Australian 24hr Track Invitational (168.665km PB)
    O’Keefe 42km (registered)

    MAY 2024:
    Irrational SOUTH 350km, SA (registered)

    JUNE 2024:
    Surf Coast trail 42km (registered)
    Wild Dog Backyard (registered)

    JULY 2024:
    You Yangs 100 miler (registered)

    AUGUST 2024:
    Unreasonable EAST 350km, QLD (registered)

    SEPTEMBER 2024:
    GV Backyard

    OCTOBER 2024:
    Australian 6-day, SA

    NOVEMBER 2024:
    Great Southern Endurance Run or Alpine Challenge 100 miler

    DECEMBER 2024:
    Blue Goat Backyard, NSW

     My Story ★ 2024|2023|22|21|20|19|18|17|16|15|14