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Running Calendar 2021

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Key Running Goals of the Year:

  • Complete 200km at Coburg24 (I did not complete this goal)
  • Complete 36+ laps at the Clint Eastwood LOS (DNS covid)
  • Complete first 1,000km non-stop trail race (DNS covid)

MVP Last One Standing, VIC (17 laps, 113.9km)

MARCH 2021:
Warburton Lumberjack 50km, VIC (7:58:40)

Duncan’s Run 100km, VIC (registered)
> Deferred to 2022 due to event clash.

Sri Chinmoy Canberra 24hr, ACT (132.33km)

APRIL 2021:
Coburg 24hr, VIC (148.68km)
> Race report

Maroondah Dam 50km, VIC (8:12:14)

MAY 2021:
Light Horse Ultra 24hr, WA (142.85km)
> Race report

JUNE 2021:
Event Photographer at the inaugural Simpson Desert Ultra
>>> DNS due to COVID19.

Irrational S.O.U.T.H. 200 miler, SA (registered)
>>> DNS due to COVID19.

JULY 2021:
Princes Park 12hr, VIC (80km)

Adelaide 24hr, SA (167.22km)
> Race report

AUGUST 2021:
Clint Eastwood Last One Standing, QLD (registered)
>>> DNS due to COVID19.

megarace, GERMANY (registered)
>>> 1,000km 20,000m+ non-stop trail race; DNS due to COVID19.

Macedon Ranges 50km, VIC (registered)
>>> rescheduled from May 2021; DNS.

Run For The Young Marathon, VIC (4:51:43)

You Yangs 30km, VIC (4:12:29)
>>> rescheduled from July 2021.

Hallora Marathon, VIC (registered)
>>> DNS.

Rock Around The Clock Marathon, VIC (registered)
>>> DNS.

 My Story ★ 2024|23|22|21|20|19|18|17|16|15|14