Running Calendar 2020

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Key Running Goals of the Year:

  • Complete Delirious W.E.S.T. 350km
  • Complete 180km+ at Coburg 24hr to qualify for the Spartathlon (246km from Athens to Sparta) (goal cancelled due to COVID-19)
  • Complete DU135, the “Barkley Down Under” (goal cancelled due to COVID-19)
  • Qualify for Boston at either Gold Coast Marathon or Melbourne Marathon (goal cancelled due to COVID-19)
  • Complete 48+ laps at the Clint Eastwood LOS (goal cancelled due to COVID-19)
  • Complete Surfcoast Century 100km in under 16 hours to qualify for the Western States Endurance Run (goal cancelled)


Cadbury Marathon, TAS (4:16:04)

Tassie Trail Fest, TAS 52km (registered)
>>> I opted to cancel this event in favour of the inaugural Last One Standing MVP in Melbourne.

Last One Standing MVP, VIC (16hrs, 107km)
> Race report

Delirious W.E.S.T., WA 350km (96:09:08)
> Race report
> The Beauty that is the Bibb Track WA
> The Mental Game of Running

MARCH 2020:
Razorback 40km (8:15:42)
> Race report

Canberra 48hr, ACT (registered)
>>> COVID-19 cancelled

APRIL 2020:
Quarantine Backyard Ultra, Virtual Last One Standing (12 laps, ~80km)
> Race report

Coburg 24hr, VIC (registered)
>>> COVID-19 cancelled

MAY 2020:
The Prom, VIC 60km (registered)
>>> COVID-19 cancelled

Great Virtual Run Across Tennessee GVRAT, 1,000km (100 days)
> Response to Lazarus Lake after an indoor 100-miler
> 100 cultural icons of Tennessee over 1,000kms

DU135, VIC 135 miles (registered)
>>> COVID-19 cancelled

JUNE 2020:
Event Photographer at the inaugural Simpson Desert Ultra
>>> COVID-19 cancelled

AUGUST 2020:
Indoor 100 miler at home, VIC (20:16:42)
> Finishing GVRAT1000 with an indoor 100-miler

Clint Eastwood Last One Standing, QLD (registered)
>>> I transferred my entry to 2021 due to COVID-19 Lockdown 2.0 in Victoria

Circumpolar Race Around the World, Virtual 50,000km (registered)

Sydney to Melbourne, Virtual 1,000km (17 days)
> Virtual Sydney-to-Melbourne 1,000km foot race – an experiment in focus and adaptation

Irrational S.O.U.T.H. 200 miler, SA (registered)
>>> COVID-19 cancelled

Surf Coast Century 100km, VIC
>>> I decided not to pursue this race nor Western States any more, given the shift in racing focus during the pandemic lockdown.

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